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Aviators News · The Team Across the Dam Rivalry

Butler vs Northmont Rivalry 

The Rivalry began in the 1960’s and in the 1970’s Butler became known as “The Team across the Dam.” Butler and Northmont have been in the same league since the 1960’s starting with the SWBL, MCC, GMVC, and currently, GWOC.  The football rivalry stopped 11 years ago when the schools were in different divisions in the GWOC.  The football teams started again in 2016 when Northmont defeated Butler. Most of the other sports continued to play during that era and it continues today.   The heyday of the of the rivalry began in the 60’s and lasted until the late 2000’s.  

To get the interest of the rivalry again — The winner of tonight’s game will receive the “Dam Jug,” which will be housed at the winner’s school for the year.  The name is in reference to the Englewood Dam, which is the major landmark dividing the two school districts. Thanks to the NHS Fine Arts Department for making the jug possible: Robin Dakin, Chrissy Hall, and Sam Pfeffer

For the all sports trophy a Rivalry Board will be displayed in both schools where the winner of each sport will be on display.